Maths games (open in Puffin app on an iPad)

30 Second Challenge
3D surface area
Addition in columns
Addition decimals
Addition digit drag
Addition digit drag (decimals)
Addition expanded
Addition expanded 2
Addition recall
Algebra bar modelling
Algebra scales
Angles drawing
Angles missing
Balancing equations
Bar charts
Blocks - Junior
Blocks - Addition & Subtraction
Blocks - Multiplication & Division
Blocks - Fractions
Blocks - Ratios & Proportions
Capacity word problems
Carroll diagram with numberes
Comparing calculations
Comparing fractions
Decimal digit drag
Division bus stop
Division chunking
Division formal 1
Division formal (round up or down)
Division recall
Division rounding
Dominoes add subtract
Dominoes measurements
FDP ordering
FDP matching
Fraction dominoes
Fractions adding
Fractions adding 2
Fractions comparing
Fractions converting
Fractions dividing
Fractions equivalent
Fractions multiplying
Fractions of numbers
Fractions of shapes
Fractions simplifying
Fractions of unknown numbers
Hit the button
Interactive maths quiz
Mean, median, mode and range
Missing digits
Missing symbols
Money addition
Money finding change
Money how much more
Money one step
Money one step multiplication
Money two step
Multiplication arrays
Multiplication formal method
Multiplication grid method
Multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1,000
Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000 2
Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000 3
Number bonds
Ordering calculations
Ordering numbers
Partitioning 2
Percentages of numbers
Pie charts 1
Pie charts 2
Place value digit drag
Place value games
Reading numbers
Recombining numbers
Reading scales
Roman numerals
Rounding 1
Rounding 2
Sequences 1
Sequences 2
Sequences with fractions and decimals
Sorting 2D shapes (Carroll)
Sorting 2D shapes (Carroll 2)
Sorting 2D shapes (Venn)
Sorting 3D shapes (Carroll)
Sorting 3D shapes (Venn)
Subtraction column
Subtraction number line
Temperature problems
Thinking of a number
Time adding problems
Time find the start
Time reading
Time reading (words)